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About Me

  • Brazilian Pulmonologist
  • Specialist in smoking cessation
  • Health Consultant
  • Masters in International Public Health at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam –the Netherlands
  • Founding Partner of Florescer Holanda – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Instagram) (Facebook)
  • Registered in the Dutch Quit Smoking Quality Register (number 18106523186)

I am a Brazilian doctor with training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology in Brazil. The past 10 years I have been dedicated to finding and creating a way of living for my clients from the perspective of self-care and harm reduction. The people who I support are mainly users of ordinary cigarettes but also electronic cigarette users who want to quit, reduce their use and/or modify their smoking behavior.

I offer assistance to both individuals and groups. I work together with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to be able to provide assistance according to each client’s demands and needs.

Also offer health advice to those who need guidance / information about their health in general. From the biopsychosocial perspective I guide clients with an integral approach to their physical and psychological health.

Cláudia Magaldi
KVK 80085083



Stop Smoking

  • Individual follow-up
  • 1st session (1h 30min)
  • 5 individual weekly sessions (40min/individual)
  • 1 biweekly maintenance session for 2 months (30min/individual)
  • 1 monthly individual or group session (1 h group of up to 6 people) for an average of 5 months
  • The investment cost depends on each case. After the 1st free conversation we define which one will be yours.
  • For customers living in the Netherlands, insurance reimbursement is possible


Primeira Sessão

Stop Smoking First Conversation

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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking First Session

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General Health Advice

General Health Advice

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Group Session or Thematic Groups

Group Session or Thematic Groups

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